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Why now?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hi my name is Chris! Welcome and thanks for visiting my little corner of the web!

Well, it's finally happening.

No more "what ifs!". No more "maybe next year". After 10+ years doing what I thought I should be doing, what I thought was a 'proper' job, I am doing what I was born to do. Feed people!

After a number of years in the financial sector and a spell running my own company, it was time to change. I have worn a number of hats since I became an 'adult' but the one I loved most was, and if I am being truthful, always has been - catering! There is no better feeling than the satisfaction of watching and listening to the reaction of people eating your food.

I wasn't born with bags of creativity, I wasn't born with many bags at all if i'm honest. However, I was blessed with a good work ethic and a will to feed and entertain people!

I also have a supportive family around me, friends that believe in me - so now its time for me

and my food to shine!

The idea of a mobile deli comes from my memories of staying at my grandparents remote croft in the highlands of Scotland. I knew what day the grocery van was due, I would spend the morning listening for the distant growl of the engine as it made its way down the long, bumpy cart track to the house.

I was always out first, just as the van reversed onto the pebble driveway. Excited that I would be getting my Tunnocks Snowball,my treat for helping with the chores.

There was 3 'shops' that would visit. A Grocer, Fishmonger and a Butcher, each with its own little gem, that had me waiting for it to stop and open its doors.

If I can help create a memory like this for a least one person, I have succeded.

Hope you come to enjoy 'The Pantry' as much as I enjoyed my Snowball!

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