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The last few weeks have been a heady mix of stress and therapy all wrapped up in a very neat package. It will come as no surprise that the transition from the financial sector back into the world of catering has been 'bumpy' to say the least.

Nobody said it would be easy! Once we were committed to pursuing my dream, we had the task of deciding how this would manifest itself. Hours of sometimes heated discussion, hours sat looking at the plethora of different trucks, cars, bikes and trailers available to the budding food trucker - we decided upon a trailer.

Again, hours merged into days, days into weeks looking for the 'perfect' trailer. After a considerable amount of time had been wasted, we knew that the 'perfect' trailer didn't exist and we would have to design our own.

Again a lot of work and time went in to looking for somebody who could bring our dream to life. When we found somebody just across the water in Heysham, who was up for the challenge, very pro-active and really helpful we were delighted. At last, we were moving forward, we spent a couple of weeks going back and forth with ideas, plans, we had call after call and ready to push the button.

Then the wheel came off! This is a cautionary of not letting your heart rule all of the time. I have made a career out of being suspicious and cautious, advising others how to mitigate their risk. Yet, I nearly got caught out, luckily my instincts kicked in before any money passed hands and I did my 'due diligence' and found the guy was a fraudster. Back to square one.

It would have been easy to just have given up at this point, it was very demoralizing. We didn't and our hard work finally paid off, we found what looked like a perfect trailer, but it had just sold. No bother, he would build another!

So at the time of writing, our little pantry is currently being stripped back, painted and getting ready for its next adventure!

I use 'we' a lot as I would not be able to do this, or get this far without the support of my wonderful partner.

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